• Introducing Hottips!

    PTL is proud to introduce Hottips’ new line of cell phone chargers and electronic accessories! Hottips chargers cover 98% of the current market, including iPhones, − a $1.2 billion category − and require 25-50% less shelf space than traditional cell phone chargers. This eliminates the need for a large selection of expensive chargers, freeing up your valuable cash flow. Better yet, PTL now ...

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  • Power When You Need It

    Hottips all-in-one chargers allow you to charge your mobile device wherever you go. Featuring a unique 4-way charging system; Hottips include a fold-away wall charger, car charger, dual USB ports (so you can charge your phone from your computer), and an emergency charger with a 9v battery connection.   In a recent survey, 59% of people said the all-in-one charger is the ...

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  • A Growing Market

    Hottips chargers and accessories are part of a multi-billion dollar market that is surging globally. The growth of the phone charger market is, of course, directly related to the growth of the mobile phone market itself. During the second half of 2009, the mobile phone market began a recovery which continued with rapid growth through 2010. This resulted in an increase ...

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