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PTL Enterprises offers many great ways for you to learn new ways to make more money in your store, increase customer purchases, increase profits per customer purchases, and many more exciting ways to make more money.

Digital Media

At PTL Enterprises digital media memory cards are growing at a rapid rate of over 50%. Offering your customers camera memory cards is such a great opportunity to capture more profits.  Digital media memory cards works perfect in every retail environment, no matter your location or type.

Dispenser Box Rem. vs. Multi Dose Rem.

Did you know that you could be making more profit each time you sell a travel-sized remedy? Why not offer your customer the exact same medicine they’re looking for and make some extra money at the same time?

Single Dose Rem. vs. Multi Dose Rem.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing to sell individually carded remedies rather than remedies in bulk dispenser boxes, you may be interested in finding out how you can make even more profit per each remedy sale by offering amulti-dose carded remedy instead of a single-dose.

Huggies Swim Diapers

Many pool facilities and water parks require that all infants and toddlers wear swim diapers. If you’re located near the water, these are necessities. Keep some on hand and take advantage of the opportunity for extra sales.

Stylish Sunglasses

How many times have you carried products to fill a slot or because that was all that was available. We believe you should only carry the best selling products. And thats all we provide. Do your customers deserved anything less?

Kodak Batteries

Kodak offers a wide range of high quality affordable products from batteries, chargers, power supplies, cameras and digital media at a fair competitive price. Kodak products allow the retailer to have competitive retail while making higher profit margins.

Galler Chocolates

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iPhone / Cell Phone Accessories

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