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PTL Enterprises has been serving college book stores across the country for decades. Based on input from hundreds of colleges and universities, we’ve built an extensive catalog of products to include all of the items that today’s college students want and need. From our wide selection of candy, snacks and energy supplements to the everyday necessities, such as OTC medicine, sundries, and basic school supplies – PTL has your book store covered! We also carry a full line of the most popular electronic accessories, including batteries, memory cards, and electronic products that are compatible for use with the ever-popular iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices. We even carry the hottest new styles of sunglasses and reading glasses – must have items for every college book store!

In addition to our full line of the best-selling products, PTL offers fast, free shipping to anywhere in the country. Our low minimum order allows you to order merchandise as you need it, without the need to keep a large inventory on hand, freeing up the valuable time and cashflow that your business needs. Our experienced sales staff are specialized in helping you to develop your book store and make the most profit per square inch. Call today and allow us to optimize your store for profit!


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