Introducing Hottips!

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PTL is proud to introduce Hottips’ new line of cell phone chargers and electronic accessories! Hottips chargers cover 98% of the current market, including iPhones, − a $1.2 billion category − and require 25-50% less shelf space than traditional cell phone chargers. This eliminates the need for a large selection of expensive chargers, freeing up your valuable cash flow.Hottips!

Better yet, PTL now carries a full selection of Hottips electronic accessories for the travel market. Our new lineup includes universal adapters, Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, iPhone/iPod accessories, solar cell batteries, and much more!

Hottips products are also better for the environment. Recent surveys have shown that 44% of consumers say environmentally friendly products are the primary factor in their purchase decisions. Using Natralock® packaging, Hottips chargers have up to 67% less packaging materials than competing brands; and use fewer raw materials, chemicals, and less energy to produce.

Hottips have it all:

  • Gorgeous styling
  • Better value for consumers
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Better merchandising & easier to shop
  • Lower inventory and space requirements

 Check out our full selection here

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